South Atlantic Boom Brake

boom brake

The South Atlantic Boom Brake works on friction provided by wind pressure, causing it to act as a brake, hence its generic name. • It is installed to minimizes erratic and dangerous upward or sideways swings of the main sail boom. • It consists of a so-called brake drum. • The complete unit hangs under the boom. The South Atlantic boom brake is manufactured from marine grade 316 only.

boom brake stainless steel

How does our Boom Brake work ?

• A line run around the drum and fastened on one side. the other lead via a sheave back to the cockpit.
• When the line is tightened and the boom moves with the drum, friction at the drum is generated, restricting the boom velocity.
• More tension on the control line means more friction and more control on the main sail.

Sailing with your South Atlantic boom brake
Sailing to windward, the main sail will be well controlled “tensioned down” by the main sheet so the line on the boom brake should be slack. Coming off the wind when the main sheet is eased, the sail will tend to lift, so tension in the brake line will increase and will need adjustment. Sailing further off wind, more line tension is #required to prevent the boom lifting further. Should the sail back wind and the boom gibes, the brake line tension will slow the movement until the boom gets to the point off spilling the wind. If the sail does not move completely over, ease the brake line or momentarily increase mainsheet tension.

boom brake stainless steel side

How to install your South Atlantic boom brake ?
The South AtlanticBoom Brake is fitted under the boom.
The Boom Brake is best located no more than 1/3 to ¼ along the boom, away from the mast. Any number of ways may be selected to fasten the Boom Brake to the boom, from boom vang fitting, under boom slot fitting or even a complete wrap around for loose-footed mains.
The side line locations are several but probably best in most installs close to the aft chain plate or attaching to it.
Keep as close to the side deck as possible by through bolting or consider Genoa tracks or aluminium toe rails

Price List:
South Atlantic Prices               (exclude tax)
Boom Brake SA-20/25
up to 22 sq meters .
120.00 € *       (+-166 USD)
Boom Brake SA 25/36
up to 38 sq meters .
170.00 €*       (+-235 USD)
Boom Brake SA 36/42
up to 62 sq meters .
240.00 €*       (+-332 USD)
Boom Brake SA 42/60
up to 90 sq meters .
320.00 €*       (+-443 USD)
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