fixed Mast Steps

Mast Steps

Fixed Aluminum Mast Step . Fastened either by screws or pop rivets. Finished : Anodized Aluminum, it gives superior corrosion performance and mechanical protection properties to the Aluminium surface. Fasteners not included.    10,45- EUR / EACH

fixed Mast Steps alu

Material: Aluminum: Suggested distance for installation between steps is 60 cm (24") per side (30 cm (12") every other side).
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How To Install Mast Steps

Research suggested that steps are typically placed between 375mm and 600mm apart, so you can chose to use a certain spacing as a compromise between cost and comfort. Measure the mast: 50/60cm between steps will be fine. This allowed you to plan the positions of the steps which are fixed on alternate sides of the mast, except the last ones near the top where is beter to fit a pair at the same height. Then placed the first step in position, and marked the locations for the holes with a pencil before permanently marking with a centrepunch. Next, drill one hole for each step. Use one rivet to fix the step, check that all is fine. When ready drill the rest of the holes. Repeat same procedure for each step.

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